Nokia announces new battery technology: 2.5 times longer battery life

Recently, Nokia officially announced that it is developing new battery technology for the arrival of 5G, the new product can provide 2.5 times battery life compared with the current market capacity of ultra-thin batteries.

According to Nokia, the new battery technology can double the energy carried by the battery without changing the weight, meeting the key requirements of applications such as the Internet of Things, electric vehicles and drones.The SFI Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research Center, hosted by Nokia Bell Labs and AMBER researchers at Trinity College Dublin, announced that they have created a new battery formula that is 2.5 times more battery-powered than any product on the market today.The ever-increasing power demands of connected devices such as smartphones, drones, electric vehicles and robots have made new applications requiring higher battery performance and longer battery life.“By putting more energy into smaller spaces, this new battery technology will have a profound impact on 5G and the entire network world,” said Paul King, a member of the project’s lead researcher and a member of Nokia Bell Labs. Say.It is reported that a study on battery research conducted by Nokia Bell Labs and AMBER has been published in Nature Energy.