Nokia 2 has been upgraded to Android 8.1 Oreo

HMD Global gives the opportunity for those who use the first version of Nokia 2(released in 2017) to upgrade to Android 8.1 Oreo. After opening the beta test since June last year.

At the time of launch, Nokia 2 was an Android Go mobile phone. That is, it is a version of the operating system that can degrade many things together. And upgrading to Android Oreo is not easy Because the device has only 1GB of RAM and only a Snapdragon 212 processor, HMD Global allows phone owners to choose whether or not to receive this update.

For those who use Nokia 2 and intend to upgrade Will have to go to the HMD Global web page and enter the IMEI code for the system, press Accept Android Oreo for Nokia 2 Software license term

HMD Global stated that this update will make the device slower than before. And may not be as fast as when it is Nougat and is only open for updates that are not networked The beta user will be notified that the full update has been released. And keep updating immediately

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