No need to jailbreak! Turn your iPhone into a Windows 10 phone with an emulator

Although the iPhone’s performance is getting stronger and stronger, the App Store also has a wealth of practical software and fun games, which can almost meet the needs of most users, but some people are still not satisfied, they just want to use Windows 10 on the iPhone. This near-paranoid idea was finally realized recently, thanks to the efforts of a group of independent software developers.

Independent software developers have developed an application called UTM that allows the iPhone or iPad to run a full version of Windows 10 by using the QEMU simulator software.

UTM uses the QEMU simulator to connect to the SPICE server for paravirtualized operations. In addition to Windows systems, iPhones and iPads can run Linux systems through UTM. Due to the limitation of iOS devices, KVM accelerator cannot be used, so only dynamic code conversion and JIT compilation can be performed through TCG accelerator. As a result, the speed of running Windows system is only 70% of the original, and the lower the screen resolution, the better the operating performance .

The biggest advantage of UTM is that iPhone or iPad does not require Jailbreak jailbreak, and it can support system versions above iOS 11. However, iPhone users will not find UTM in the App Store, because Apple prohibits JIT code from installing through the web sideload method.

In addition, UTM is still in the early stages of development. There are many bugs and limitations, such as the inability to take screenshots and no sound. There is still a long way to go before it can be used.