New update of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, pattern mixing function and content addition

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which continues to be a success in the Call of Duty Warzone, will update a variety of additional content this week.

One of the highlights of this update is the gun customization section, which allows you to customize the core parts and design parts of various pattern weapons obtained by playing the game by mixing them together with other designs. Through this, it will be possible to complete more various designs of weapons.

New weapons will also be added, and the new weapon is the MK9 Bruen Light Machine Gun, which can be used as a The GLITCH pattern as one of its components by completing a weapon challenge or purchasing an Encryption bundle from the store.

In addition, various bundles such as new bundles Pyromaniac and Fire Claw3 and weapon camouflage are added.

A double event will also be held, from 2 AM on May 2 to 2 AM on May 5, in Korean time, with 2x experience, 2x weapon experience, and a Battle Pass in all Modern Warfare modes (including Warzone). The double-earning event is held.

The ship shooting mode is added to the multiplayer mode, and a mode in which only the shooting range and the loading range is available is also added.

A new contract will be added to Warzone, and the Most Wanted contract will be the target of all teams upon receiving this contract, and if you survive for that time, you can earn the reward of relocating all team members. This contract is only active in three or more modes.

On the other hand, Infinity Ward said that it will hold a firm stance on the recent nuclear issue, hold a nuclear user as a zero-tolerance principle, and will add the ability to report immediately in Kill Cam and Spectator Mode this week.