New generation iPhone exposure: support dual Bluetooth audio connection

Today, the Japanese media reported that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will likely allow users to connect two pairs of Bluetooth headsets at the same time, a feature similar to Samsung’s dual audio capabilities.Specifically, iPhone users will be able to connect their phones to two pairs of headsets, such as AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, to share what they are listening to with their friends, and your other use scenario is that the iPhone is connected to the car and wireless headphones. At the same time, GPS navigation is sent to the in-car audio system and headphones.

The current iPhone can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices (and connect multiple speakers via AirPlay 2), but only one Bluetooth audio profile, so being able to connect two audio-based Bluetooth devices will definitely be a welcome addition to the feature.It is reported that Samsung’s dual audio function is realized by Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which indicates that Apple may adopt similar technology. If this is true, Apple will likely introduce this feature into previous iPhone models through software upgrades in the future.