New Fortnite iOS Update Shows Up to 120 FPS on iPad Pro

Epic Games has released the latest update to the Fortnite iOS version. This version allows the latest iPad Pro to display at 120FPS, making the image smoother than ever.

Those who have played Fortnite in the 60FPS screen mode before, when playing 120FPS will find that it is much smoother. But if adjusting the display to a high level It may go up to around 90 – 100 frames instead of 120FPS but still considered much smoother than the original. Anyone who wants a high frame rate It is recommended to adjust the beauty level to Medium instead (if High is set to only 60FPS, Epic will get only 30FPS)

Two years ago, Epic introduced 60FPS mode for iOS. When Apple released the first iPhone XS and iPhone XR for Android, gaming phones have been able to support high frame rates for a long time, but There are not many handsets that support 90Hz and 120Hz displays at this time.

For Apple devices that support 120Hz display and can render images at this high frame rate, currently only the iPad Pro (2018) is required as it requires a Pro Motion screen (120Hz) and a processor. That can render many images of this size

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