The Netflix streaming service is testing this new feature and
recommends Netflix not be able to move to a new step in listing some ideas for movies, series and documentaries that you can be satisfied with. The leader in streaming services can choose a slightly more advanced approach, depending on the algorithm, download the content directly and use it directly on the device. You only need to start one of the programs, even if you are not connected to the internet.

As reported by Android Police, the new “for download” feature is a collection of personalized movies and programs, so there’s always something you can watch on your phone. Subscribers testing this feature said they could set the correct number of GB to avoid overloading the phone.

Features in the testing phase
This can be a good solution for categorizing many of the programs that Netflix offers. Thus, users simply need to choose from items designed to be used directly on their smartphones without going through a mobile connection. Still many users are already wondering about forcing this new methodology …

Netflix regularly tests new features, but many of them are in the Trash. It is currently difficult to know whether a subscriber is available for “download