The NBA 2K series is the only basketball game that everyone can recognize. Since EA stepped out, the NBA 2K series has been the only game gamers can choose from, and in fact it has become a monopoly.

Unless there are other games, gamers have no choice but to choose the NBA 2K series, but it is hard to say that the NBA 2K series has abused its exclusive position. We have everything we need to have as a basketball game, and we constantly reflect the latest rosters and try to make changes every year.

However, it is also true that the NBA 2K21, released this year, did not start well due to the difference in price and technology between the next-generation consoles and platforms that do not. Users who first encountered NBA 2K21 with PC, PS4, or XBOX One series expressed disappointment.

I have forgotten about NBA 2K21 for a while because of such evaluations, but I will talk about NBA 2K21, which I played for weeks after the release of PS5 and XBOX Series X.

First, I played NBA 2K21 on PS5. I’m still playing my team, but I’m thinking of starting my career once I have a lineup.

While playing the next-generation console version, I was most satisfied with the loading speed.

Not long ago, I had a Nintendo Switch, so I had a deep feeling of the heinous loading speed, but the next-generation console version played on the PS5 was like booting Windows from an HDD and replacing it with an SSD.

In particular, when I play Triple Threat, which is a 3v3 game in My Team, it feels like there is almost no loading speed to the extent that the stadium comes out at the beginning of the game. Will disappear.

Domination and Challenge games, which are 5v5 games, take a little bit longer to load, but are still much faster than previous versions that are not optimized for next-generation consoles. In a 5v5 game, honestly, it takes longer to appear on the main screen after the game is over than the start. It would be nice if it could be modified, but I don’t know if it will be possible.

PlayNow’s 5v5 game, not My Team, has a very fast loading speed as much as Triple Threat, so the stadium screen appears at the beginning.

Another feature of the next-generation console version, the graphics, is as much satisfaction as the loading speed. The visual difference is large, so it feels like a completely different game from the previous version that felt like a roster update.

The skin that expressed sweat drops wasn’t too much and it felt quite realistic, but what’s better is that the player’s facial expressions are not artificial and feel more real, so it seemed to watch an actual basketball game.

The game wasn’t going well, so it wasn’t artificial to make a rough impression or look at the ball to make a rebound.

However, it did not reach the final goal such as 60FPS, so I think the satisfaction with the graphic quality will vary depending on the gamers, but if you actually play NBA 2K21, you will be focusing on the game and those thoughts will disappear.

Instead, I think it’s time to change the look and action of the cheerleaders coming out in the middle of the game.

The rail camera, a new camera walk, is an element that allows you to experience a dynamic game, so if you adapt, the evaluation will be fine.

However, it doesn’t seem like a very good camera option for beginner-level players. As they show play from the side of the stadium, they are often covered up and often get stolen when passing. In fact, there aren’t many gamers who will use this camera option to play.

I tried to adapt myself, but it was comfortable to drive or broadcast.

NBA 2K21, back to the next-generation console version, will be a pretty fresh experience for the deceased. The basic motion itself has become more natural and more speedy. The motion from the pass to the dunk was light and very real without the feeling of slipping on the floor.

It seems like it has become difficult to defend, but I think I play this game for the taste.

In a situation where it is very difficult to obtain PS5 or XBOX Series X, talking about the next-generation console version itself sounds like nonsense, but nevertheless, it has a distinct taste different from the previous version, so if you have enjoyed playing basketball games, NBA 2K21 is the next generation console version I hope you experience.

Much of the complaints about the existing series will be resolved.