NASA Kepler Space Telescope had officially retired

On October 31, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that the Kepler Space Telescope had officially retired due to fuel exhaustion. Recently, as Kepler approached the last moment, NASA also sent the last instruction “Good night” that Earth gave it.

Specifically, since the Kepler telescope is currently spinning in orbit, NASA sent a series of instructions codenamed “Good Night,” shutting down its security mode, adjusting its orbital attitude, and completely cutting off its connection to the ground. The order was issued on November 15th – this is the day when the German astronomer Kepler died , and the Kepler telescope in the same sky also received instructions for sleeping.

On November 17, NASA announced on Twitter that the Cape Telescope had successfully received the “Good Night” command and completed the final mission. The Kepler telescope launched on March 6, 2009, costing $600 million. It is NASA’s first planetary hunter mission and the largest telescope found in exoplanets. 2650 are confirmed, accounting for the system that has been discovered so far. The total number of outer planets is 3,791, which is 70%.