AMD’s RX590 graphics card has been launched for some time, and now MSI has also launched two RX 590 ARMOR graphics cards, respectively ARMOR and ARMOR OC, the is frequency is 20MHz high than the previous version. According to reports, MSI’s RX 590 ARMOR is designed with dual slot width and dual fan, dual 8pin power supply. The graphics card is fully custom designed and comes in two versions, ARMOR and ARMOR OC, which are 20MHz higher than the public version.

Both cards feature a Polaris architecture based on a 12nm FinFET process with 8GB of GDDR5 memory. Currently, MSI has not announced the price and release date. At present, the price of RX 590 on the market is around $260, and the performance is superior to GTX 1060. AMD CEO Su Zifeng once said that the latest 7nm Navi graphics card will also be released this year, and the small budget lovers who like A card may wish to wait.