Motorola Razr Avoids Samsung’s Worst Folding Phone Mistake

Last night Motorola announced a new Razr phone. The Razr phone is a folded device that looks exactly like the wider version of the classic Razr. It has a folding OLED screen and Chaim Gartenberg headed to LA to check it out.Read the impression of voila and definitely see the hand-on video. I did so many times and tried to figure out exactly how Zaprudered pulled out the Motorola Guy hinge. Motorola seems to have no visible (or good looking) wrinkles on the screen, it’s durable, and the phone literally folds flat. Samsung Galaxy Fold is everything.I also have something to say about how Motorola announced this phone. 8:15 pm (technical keynote stage at a LA party, not 10 pm PT).Motorola believes Samsung has avoided the big mistake it made with the Galaxy Fold.

You can’t say that Motorola doesn’t make any other mistakes either. Let’s actually get out that phone first. Nobody thinks that no one has decided that this phone is wonderful without seeing it directly. Because i don’t:Slow processor speed is not a big deal.
This processor has been chosen to save battery life, so I’m concerned about battery life.
Motorola doesn’t have a great camera track record, so it probably won’t solve it.
The cost is $ 1,499.
Verizon exclusive.
Since it is exclusive to Verizon and uses eSIM, it is likely to be locked. In other words, instead of being able to escape carrier locks, eSIM creates more carrier locks and [Charlie Brown inserts augh dot here mp4 video]
Finally, Motorola can be a bit tricky about the durability of this screen.
It’s a long list of potential mistakes! But only one of these can be likened to all the mistakes Samsung made. If you see this phone in the right context, it’s not a mistake. Positioned and marketed as rare and exclusive.In fact, that’s the first mistake Samsung made with the Galaxy Fold. In the last decade, as with other smartphones, it has been staged on a grand stage, which implicitly meant that everyone could use it. The signal that the Galaxy Fold was not all kinds of smartphones was the price.Motorola, on the other hand, started its party in LA instead of the live stream seen by thousands of gadget heads. The main attraction was Diplo, not a technical executive.Also Razr. Before the phone was used anywhere, it was rarely released (it’s expensive over time) with a status symbol. It’s being traded as a perfume, but some of that perfume was once more fantastic than Razr’s other phones.
But after the first Galaxy Fold was broken and the second was disappointing, I think Motorola clearly did what Samsung couldn’t do. Made a folding phone without wrinkles, fully folded and folded. Motorola, a company that has produced unforgettable mid-range smartphones every two months, such as watches over the past few years, has surpassed Samsung, which has the cutting edge technology of smartphone technology even before smartphone technology flourished than Apple. game.That’s why I’m Zaprudering one of the specific sections of the video Vjeran Pavic filmed with Chaim. This is what Motorola showed the hinges in the presentation to the reporter before the party.As you can see here, Motorola has three steel plates that make almost constant contact with the hinges. Much less likely to have a gap at the bottom of the screen. There is also a gap where you can put debris to destroy the screen.But it’s even more impressive that Razr closes completely flat without internal gaps. Let’s look at this image again. heighten! station! Slo Mo! Stop at the last frame! Relax, it’s still a low resolution GIF, but it explains my point!The hinge is designed to create space inside the screen when it is closed, allowing the screen to create a “teardrop” shape within the screen. The radius can’t be very narrow on a folding OLED screen, but Motorola has figured out how to accommodate it much more elegantly than Samsung.Note: When you close the screen, it doesn’t do exactly what the above gif means. Mike Murphy lifts the plate when the tweeter closes:Nevertheless, I would have found it very difficult to unfold because achieving this internal teardrop hinge was a phone that folded a book to form a tablet. Razr, on the other hand, folds vertically to form a phone. Razr’s whole concept is the opposite of the Galaxy Fold (or perhaps should be spoken vertically).That is one of the biggest Samsung mistakes that Motorola can avoid from the drawing board. Faced with powerful new technologies, Motorola chose a series of problems that could be more easily solved in the process of creating the final product. Razr’s folding should be believed to be an engineering challenge that is easy to solve because of the small number of screens that need to be folded.Will all these mistakes be a successful product? See the bulleted list at the top of this edit. Such things may sink Razr or be something completely different. We’ll review and let you know when it’s released in January 2020.Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was the greedy and hopeless result of bringing a new life to the new smartphone ecosystem. It’s no surprise that Samsung has had an almost impossible engineering battle so it couldn’t really happen.Motorola Razr is literally trying to revive Motorola by revitalizing its beloved old phone brand. But Motorola is much more likely to win because they have chosen the right engineering battle.