Motorola Edge+ DXOMARK camera score: a total score of 113 is the same as S10+ and Honor 20 Pro

Motorola’s mobile phones in recent years are mainly mid-range and low-end, but in April, they released the flagship and high-end models that have been in the long run: Motorola Edge+ and Motorola Edge , which uses the S865 processor and 108MP triple lens flagship Motorola Edge+ It also passed the DXOMARK camera test today and got a total score of 113 points, which is the same as the Samsung S10+ and Honor 20 Pro, and ranks 19th in the smartphone list.

▲ Motorola Edge+ camera score

breakdown results DXOMARK said in the test report that the Edge+ camera can take photos with little noise and rich details, the dynamic range is not satisfactory but not bad, the saturation of the photos is slightly lower, and the portrait mode is bland , There are also depth estimation artifacts; although the mobile phone is equipped with a 3x telescopic lens, but its zoom quality is ordinary, even if it has a high pixel sensor, the result of low zoom is not impressive, and the zoom score is even better than The iPhone 11 Pro Max is one point lower. In addition, its night photography also has the problem of underexposure. Although the night mode is turned on, it will increase the dynamic range, but there will also be a lot of noise, and it will produce a green color cast.

In terms of video recording, Edge+’s 4K video recording is rich in details, wide in dynamic range, and has good autofocus effects; however, green color cast sometimes occurs when shooting indoors. DXOMARK indicates that the recording function of Edge+ is worthy of the level of the mobile phone.

Motorola Edge+ is a rare flagship mobile phone of Motorola. It has a built-in 6.7-inch FHD+ resolution OLED open-cell screen, supports 90Hz update rate and 10-bit color rendering, and has a design similar to “waterfall screen”. Closer to the borderless design. In addition, the mobile phone also has built-in S865 processor, 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM, and 5000 mAh battery capacity; the US version can also support millimeter wave 5G connection.

In the camera part, Motorola Edge+ uses a three-lens main camera design, the standard lens uses a 180-megapixel sensor (supports four-in-one pixels), a f/1.8 aperture design wide-angle lens, and the other is equipped with 8 million pixels , A telephoto lens that supports 3x optical zoom, and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. The front camera is a 25 million pixel single lens.

If you want to know the details of Motorola Edge+’s complete camera test, you can go to the DXOMARK website to watch the full report .

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