The well-known Onleaks shared the CAD rendering of the Moto new mobile P40 as a Christmas present.

It can be clearly seen that the P40 has a perforated screen on the front (the blind hole or the through hole is still unclear), the chin position is engraved with motorola LOGO, the back curved glass shape, vertical double shot, one of which is 48 million pixels, bat mark And fingerprints have also been subtly integrated.

The whole movile measures 160.1 x 71.2 x 8.7mm, and if the camera is raised, the thickness is about 10mm, and the color will be darker.

In the core configuration, the screen of the P40 is 6.2 inches, the bottom is the USB-C interface, and the top has a 3.5mm headphone hole. The other is still unclear.

Under the integration of Lenovo, Moto’s product strategy is not clear at present, especially the Lenovo brand has completely covered the situation of mid range mobile to high-end mobile.

In addition, the Android One word appears in the upcoming days, don’t know if the P40 will eventually have a international version, so please wait and see.