Microsoft Windows 10 Innovation: Windows Core OS New Activity Center

Microsoft Windows Core OS is a modular and adaptive version of Windows designed to run on collapsible devices, possibly with a new Action Center. According to a new piece of information recently discovered, Microsoft may be developing a new version of Action Center specifically for Windows Core OS.

▲Action Center concept map display

The LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft engineer hints at this. The LinkedIn page indicates that more work is being done on the new platform because it mentions the “Action Center for the Windows Core OS version.”

“Developing a Windows Core OS (WCOS) variant of Windows,” is the work of a Windows Shell engineer. In addition to the Windows Core OS is still under development, and there may be a new Action Center, it did not reveal too much content.

Windows Core OS rumours have been circulating since 2017, and it is considered a modular version of Windows customized for the new form factor. WCOS provides integrated UI support for dual displays and other devices including Holo Lens 2, Surface Hub 2X/2S.

A recent report showed that Microsoft’s upcoming collapsible Surface device will run a version of Windows called “Windows Core OS (WCOS)” that will support the running of Android applications.

Windows Core OS is optimized for dual-screen devices, and Centaurus maybe Microsoft’s first hardware to run this OS variant. The Centaurus may be equipped with two 9-inch displays, each with an aspect ratio of 4:3, while Intel’s Lakefield processor uses a 10nm process that should provide better battery life.

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