Microsoft will stop Windows 10 1709 update for Home/Professional support on April 9th

Microsoft Windows 10 1709 update is also “Autumn Creative Update” will stop supporting on April 9, including the Home Edition, Professional Edition and Workstation Professional Edition will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

In addition to the above versions, the Windows 10 1709 update for Enterprise and Education is temporarily unaffected, and the support for these two versions will end on April 14, 2020. It is expected that the Home/Professional/Workstation Professional version of the device running Windows 10 1709 will be covered with a number of bug fixes on “Tuesday Patch Day”. Of course, this is the last time these versions have been updated.

As of 1970, the mainstream version will stop supporting, and Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 versions 1803 and 1809. In addition, Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 system is scheduled to be launched in May this year, version 1903, and has been named May 2019 update.

The mainstream version of Microsoft Windows 10 system, that is, the Home Edition and Professional Edition will receive 19 months of support after the public release, while the Education and Enterprise Editions will receive 30 months of support. Microsoft recommends the 1709 version of Windows 10 users as soon as possible. Upgrade to the latest version, although the 1709 update has a small market share, but this may still have some impact on a small number of devices.