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Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 Release Download


Microsoft released Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2, now Visual Studio will now download updates in the background, and use the control Visual Studio update installation mode. Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 brings a lot of new features.


  • More efficient Now, Visual Studio will now download updates in the background.
  • The installation mode of the control Visual Studio update.



  • Create new projects with improved tag-based search and easy access to the “Recent Project Templates” list.
  • Create new items to search directly from Visual Studio and find improvements with improved correlations faster.
  • Experience Improvements Monitor-Aware (PMA) supports multiple components through patches with full PMA capabilities and many usability issues.
  • Important information to understand, such as Visual Studio real-time sharing requests, has a new notification experience.
  • Save a series of code cleanup fixers as a configuration file that makes it easy to select the fixers that are running during the required code cleanup.
  • New trigger .NET refactoring and code fixes.
  • See the Status Extensions and Updates dialogue for markup extensions in Preview, Paid, and Trial.
  • Check and configure which preview features are required to be active because the default values have been reset in this preview.
  • By excluding some of the APIs that keep the extension up to date, the test window has been marked as deprecated in this release.
  • We have removed the functionality associated with Azure Application Services from Server Explorer; instead, it provides equivalent functionality in Cloud Explorer


  • Learn about new shortcuts to generate selections and quickly generate all the commands generated with the new CMake.
  • The improved code uses IntelliSense for faster performance of C++ files in C++ files.
  • Load a larger .NET Core project.
  • Load project dependencies quickly using the new project context menu commands.
  • See the Performance Center in Performance Tips.

General debugging and diagnostics

  • Start using Google Chrome to customize parameters and debug Java applications all available in the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Use the CPU and DotNet Object Assignment Tool in the Profiler to highlight the Hot Path Performance.

Programming language


  • Experience the code analysis warning in the editor. Code analysis automatically appears in the background and warnings as green wavy lines.
  • Try using a brand new template bar, use the UI in the view window, and support nested templates.
  • Run the new, updated C++ implementation of the Lifetime Profile Checker.
  • The CMake settings editor will be configured with the new CMake project, which provides an alternative to CMakeSettings.json.
  • Try OpenMP SIMD vectorization.


  • Preview F# 4.6 in addition to subtle improvements to the F# compiler and tools.
  • Java/Type
  • The debug unit is tested in the Node.js project.
  • Other NuGet and npm packages that are encountered by the user who is building the build from the Type project.


  • Easier to use the Python environment, including improved open folder support for using the new Python environment selector toolbar.

Web technology

  • Experience Enhancements The Azure DevOps work item experience includes support for inline assignment work items and improved #mentions experience.
  • Use the project file to more easily explore and experience the better console application .NET Core tool.
  • Experience the release profile for all apps for the enhancements summary. In addition, a new section called Dependencies is now available when the app is released to the Azure App Service.

Container tool

  • Experience a smoother single project for containerization and debugging.
  • Please use the added Alpine and other base images added.

Mobile development with Xamarin

  • Speed up build time with our improved build in Xamarin.Android.
  • Experience enhanced rapid deployment and d8/r8 support for Xamarin.Android.
  • Try to improve the initial support constraint layout using the Xamarin.Android designer.
  • Use Xamarin Android Designer to improve productivity by using Goto to define and enhance XML IntelliSense auto-completion for Android resource files.
  • Easily set and edit the Xamarin. Forms control properties with the new properties panel.
  • Use Xamarin. Forms to preview the program without having to build the application.
  • Experience stability/performance updates.
  • Use the newly added Shell template Xamarin.Forms 4.0.
  • See more detailed build progress information.
  • Create a new Xamarin project when improving performance.