Microsoft today announced the official release of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac. This release comes with general improvements to the IDE, developers using Xamarin to build mobile applications, and more.

Below are the new features included in the Visual Studio 2019 for Mac release.

  • This release includes a preview of the next generation text editor for Visual Studio for Mac.
  • This release introduces a new introductory experience.
  • Microsoft has added support for running multiple instances of the IDE.
  • Microsoft has added a new way to set up multiple startup projects, making it easier to create a solution, Run Configuration, which will launch multiple projects at debug time.
  • Visual Studio for Mac can now detect updates to Azure Functions templates and will provide you with a dialog to upgrade them.
  • Microsoft replaced the Unity debugger on the Mac with the same core Unity debugger on Windows.
  • Microsoft has added support for Microsoft account authentication for Git and Azure DevOps / Team Foundation Server.

Visual Studio for Mac 8.0 Preview is supported in parallel with Visual Studio 7.7. Since Mono and Xamarin SDK are shared between two versions of Visual Studio for Mac, Microsoft recommends that you use at least the Mono 5.18 version for the best experience. Available options are Xamarin.iOS 12.2.1, Xamarin.Android 9.1.0 and Xamarin.Mac 5.2.1.

You can do it in Visual Studio 2019 for Mac.