Wednesday, January 15, Microsoft will begin the replacement of its Edge internet browser in favour of a new version, based on the open-source browser Chromium.

Some of its features are a priori inactive at the moment. This should change with the start of the updates

Forced update for individuals

After an initial announcement released a week ago, Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Modern Life & Devices at Microsoft, confirmed the start of the replacement process on January 15. The company said in a statement that the replacement will be done automatically for PCs running Windows 10 Home and Pro (build 1803, the April 2018 update).

However, companies wishing to keep the old version of Edge can do so, through the use of a toolkit. However, individuals will have no choice: for them, the replacement of Microsoft Edge will take place in all cases. It will be enough to look at the software icon to know if the new version is in place: if it corresponds to the illustration at the top of the article, it means that your browser has actually been updated.

This new version of Edge is not yet fully ready, however. Although it has been available for download for several months, it is still a beta version. As reported by the PCWorld site, the latest version (version 79.0.309.60) sees certain functions (notably relating to tabs and history) remain inactive. This could change by January 15. This is also what Microsoft promises, according to which ” more information will be available on this date “.