According to foreign media CNET news, Microsoft’s folding mobile phone project codenamed Andromeda, there is a high probability that it will be released at the end of 2019, the product design will use a larger screen, and the screen size of this folding phone after expansion Will be around 8 inches.

(Microsoft Surface Phone folding phone concept design)

Judging from the many Microsoft Microsoft patents that have been exposed recently, the Microsoft Surface Phone dual-screen folding device will also support the modular kit combination mode. Both screens can be freely disassembled and combined, and the separate parts after splitting can be used. If the Microsoft Surface Phone really has such a magical effect, it is quite a black technology, enriching the use of the Surface Phone, it is also very popular, but the price is absolutely touching.

Microsoft’s concept of the Surface Phone folding device, whether it is the desktop micro-PC form, or the form of the phone after the combination, belongs to the One Core framework, and will run Windows Core OS (core Operating system), from the perspective of light, Microsoft Surface Phone can be regarded as a super smart phone under the X86 architecture.