Microsoft announced the launch of Outlook application updates for the iOS platform. This update is now being pushed to all iOS users. This update brings new UI design, improved user experience and more. Earlier, Microsoft announced the upcoming redesigned Office application icon, the iOS version of the Outlook mobile app will be the first application to adopt its new icon.

With the new design in Outlook for iOS, you can notice subtle changes in colors, shapes, and icons as you swipe right or left in an email. The corners of the message change from a hard edge to a soft circle.

As you scroll through the schedule, a new animated calendar icon will be swiped forward or backward, or an inbox arrangement will be indicated by issuing a possible meeting conflict alert.

The powerful title of the app with bold colors and typography can help you easily find the way to Outlook. And dynamically reduce the size of the title to maximize your message list, to view and find what you want.

If you are a single account user, you can personalize the app with an avatar. If you add multiple accounts and calendars in the application, the new account icon tips can help you easily switch.

Focusing on inbox switching and message list filtering now allows you to target your content and accounts in a clear and confident way.