Microsoft officially released the PWA Builder 2.0 tool

After the successful integration of PWA support into Windows 10 and Edge browsers, Microsoft has just released the PWA Builder 2.0 tool, which has a new design and “snippets” for integrated Web programming interfaces.PWA Builder is a free tool from Microsoft that helps you create or publish PWA for different platforms online or on the command line. PWA is the abbreviation of Progressive Web App, which means progressive web application.The new version of PWA Builder includes all the features of the last version, adding Webkit-driven Mac desktop platform and Webkit integration. Developers can now view their “PWA Builder score” and add cross-platform capabilities such as authentication, system integration, and UI through the Microsoft Graph programming interface.

Microsoft wants to increase the number and quality of applications in the Windows 10 store, and Microsoft has teamed up with Google and other PWA supporters. Since the release of Manifoldjs and PWA Builder, Microsoft has partnered with Mozilla, Samsung, Intel, and Twitter.The PWA Builder 2.1 update is currently under development. Microsoft’s current goal is to provide better support for mobile devices and allow developers to post their PWA to the Google Play store.

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