Microsoft offers free Python training videos

U.S. GDNet reported on the 4th (local time) that Microsoft released a series of videos for beginner developers, ‘Python for Beginners’ through YouTube for free.

The Python series for beginners is an educational video series for beginner developers. Leading program manager Christopher Harrison and artificial intelligence (AI) gaming department Susan Ibach Business Development Manager.

The training video is taught in the Python 3 version, with a focus on developers who have learned languages such as JavaScript or Scratch.

A total of 31 videos are provided in the Python series for beginners, and each video is 2 to 10 minutes long so that developers can focus on it briefly. However, Korean is not supported.

Each video contains contents that make it easy to experience machine learning app production and automation development. In addition, it covers technologies that are mainly used in recent AI fields, such as detecting human faces using Vision AI.

Microsoft provides resources including training slides and code samples through GitHub to help developers easily follow the video.

This is the second Python series for beginners provided by Microsoft. In September of last year, I uploaded a video of a Python lecture with 44 videos.

The reason Microsoft provides Python training videos is interpreted to increase the population of AI developers who use cloud service Azure.

With the recent growth of the cloud industry, the big data and AI fields are rapidly growing, and Python is the language most commonly used to use it.

In other words, the more developers dealing with Python in the Azure environment, the greater the chance that Azure will grow.

In addition to training videos, Microsoft is expanding its scope of support, including adding Python to the source code editor Visual Studio Code.