On November 20th, according to Windows Latest reports, Adobe recently released a beta version of Photoshop, which can run on Windows 10 devices equipped with ARM chips.

The report pointed out that a developer successfully installed a complete desktop version of Photoshop on Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Considering that this is a mobile device, the actual performance exceeded expectations.

It is reported that some functions of the Photoshop desktop version on Lumia 950 XL are limited, and users cannot use the repair brush, the filling function of the recognition content, etc. However, Adobe has planned to improve the experience of Photoshop on the ARM version of Windows 10. These improvements will also be implemented in Lumia. Appears on the phone.

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 devices running on ARM support 32-bit ARM applications and 64-bit ARM applications. Currently, only 32-bit X86 applications can be simulated and 64-bit X86 applications will be supported in the future.

In addition, running the desktop version of Photoshop on Lumia 950 XL is also a great benefit for the Windows 10 ARM platform. It shows the broad prospects of the Windows 10 ARM platform. It is foreseeable that more Windows 10 devices using ARM chips will be introduced to the market in the future. .