Microsoft has announced the end of official support for its Internet browser, Internet Explorer.

The Internet Explorer web browser was once the most commonly used Internet browser with a very high market share, but now it is taking its place with the introduction of Google’s Chrome browser and MS’s edge browser, which have better security and performance. It’s a situation.

Accordingly, Microsoft decided to end official support with IE11, the latest version of the current Internet Explorer, and support by adding the IE compatibility mode to the Microsoft Edge browser for users who need the compatibility of the explorer. It is expected to be announced through the official Microsoft blog.

In other words, IE, which has been used so far, will end its official support, and in terms of pages and scripts to be executed in the corresponding IE, and compatibility, it seems that the IE compatibility mode will be added to the Edge browser.

In this regard, more detailed Microsoft’s official position can be found through the Microsoft official Windows blog page.