Enhanced support for PC and Xbox Series X graphics development

Multimedia Library DirectX12 Ultimate for PC and console game console Xbox Series X game developers has been released.

The US Cnet reported on the 18th that Microsoft released the DirectX12 Ultimate.

DirectX12 Ultimate will be officially available through Windows 10 2004, which is currently in testing.

Developers who want a prior experience can download and use Windows 10 Preview Build Windows 10 20H1.

Direct X12 Ultimate provides an integrated hardware API to provide an environment where PC and Xbox Series X game developers can develop games without platform limitations.

In addition, it integrates the latest graphic technologies to make it easy to utilize graphic effects. Key technologies included are DirectX ray tracing, variable rate shading, mesh shaders, samplers, and more.

“DirectX 12 Ultimate will provide an integrated feature for PC and Xbox Series X developers to take advantage of next-generation graphics,” said Sean Shagreaves, Direct 3D Team Development Manager at Microsoft. It was introduced.

With the release of Direct X12 Ultimate, major graphics card developers have announced support plans. Nvidia said it is supported by the GeForce RTX series, which is currently on sale. On the other hand, AMD announced that it will officially support Direct X12 Ultimate starting with the next generation graphics architecture, the RDNA 2 series.