Micron delivers the world’s first leading LPDDR5 DRAM technology RAM For high-end smartphones

Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU), today announced that it has delivered the world’s first LPDDR5 DRAM, the industry-leading mass production technology. For use in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphone as a memory development partner of Xiao Mi. Micron developed the LPDDR 5 DRAM RAM to have superior performance. And have faster access to information In order to meet the increasing demand of consumers in terms of AI and supporting 5G on smartphones

“The leadership of microns to produce and deliver LPDDR5 DRAM leading technology in this industry is the driving force in the use of 5G and AI” Dr. Suraj Tal Lou Henry, senior vice president and general manager. Of Micron’s mobile business .

“Our customers and partners need a new generation of memory solutions. That is produced by using the latest technology Which drives unsurpassed energy and efficiency To support 5G and AI systems

Micron’s LPDDR5 DRAM can meet those needs. With the speed of accessing data that is up to 50% and the power efficiency is more than 20% compared to the previous model. “

“We attach importance to being a leader in the field of modernization. Continuously and lasting In memory of microns, ” said Chang Cheng, vice president of Xiaomi Group , said:” The outstanding feature leading market LPDDR 5 DRAM Micron ensures that the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 will remain inefficient. Energy While maintaining outstanding performance And more stable. We believe the LPDDR 5 will be the standard component for all the best smartphones (flagships) in 2020. “

Micron designed the LPDDR5 DRAM to meet the growing demand. In terms of higher memory efficiency, while also reducing power consumption Which includes in other industries such as cars, computer networks Which was created to support 5G and integration with AI. LPDDR 5 can reduce power consumption by up to 20% compared to LPDDR4x memory.

Developing AI in various applications Today is a catalyst for the need for high performance memory. That provides faster and more efficient data access. Micron’s LPDDR 5 provides the speed and capacity sufficient to directly use the AI ‚Äč‚ÄčEngines directly in the smartphone processor. These processors use advanced data from LPDDR 5’s internal memory to increase the machine’s learning ability.

Micron’s LPDDR 5 memory is designed to meet the needs of the 5G network, which will be used globally in 2020. Micron’s LPDDR5 enables 5G smartphones to process at the maximum speed of 6.4Gbps. To prevent information bottlenecks That will result from the processing of 5G (5G data bottlenecks). This capability addresses other technological needs, such as automated vehicles. That needs a large-bandwidth memory system to support real-time calculations and data processing

Micron is delivering shipments of 6GB, 8GB and 12GB LPDDR 5 at speeds of 5.5Gbps and 6.4Gbps data to customers in the first half of 2020. Micron’s LPDDR 5 is in the UFS multi-chip package. Charger (uMCP5) for use in mid- and high-end smartphones. The LPDDR 5 in the above multi-chip package Will make the battery last longer and higher bandwidth will make the image processing more efficient Which was previously reserved for the best smartphone model (flag chip)

To learn more about the various aspects of LPDDR 5 by Micron can be found at www.micron.com/products/dram/lpdram