MeshTalk show OPPO technology that can communicate even without a phone signal Or internet

OPPO shows many MWC Shanghai eventsOne of them is MeshTalk technology that allows us to talk on the phone or send messages. Even without WiFi, Bluetooth or even 3G / 4G / 5G

This technology has a lot of limitations and efficiency. MeshTalk can talk up to 3 kilometers (in theory) if there is nothing beside the user. Which in reality the world is quite difficult But what comes into these holes is the ability to be able to use another device as a relay. Just find the middle to receive the message and forward it to the destination.

The MeshTalk supports text messaging.And talk with voice But not too much bandwidth, so the internet cannot be usedThe advantage is that it consumes very low power. If the mobile phone entersMeshTalk mode, it can be standby for up to 72 hours.

At this time, OPPO has not revealed thatMeshTalk is working on any wireless technology. And expected that it would be another big break Than we will see the first mobile phone that uses MeshTalk for sale

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