Meet the innovative Linux OS that is easier to use than Windows 10 and MacOS
As I approached my 3rd year as a daily driver for work and play, I was amazed at how often Linux surprised me. I approach Linux with endless rabbit holes for new discoveries. The endless OS is like a large amusement park full of crossing rabbit holes and the maze of happiness you’ve lost. I never imagined this fun with a Linux operating system (all operating systems) in a completely separate state. From lifeline addicted to internet connection
The endless OS isn’t new, but the TV network reminds me of the old NBC tagline used to combat the stigma of redo. The first public release of the Endless OS came in 2014, so I think it’s actually a baby compared to popular operating systems like Windows, macOS and Ubuntu.
Internet options

The “hook” of the Endless OS is what sets it apart from all the other PC operating systems on the planet. It’s really useful when you’re offline. A constant connection is natural for many developed countries in the western world, but of course, endless also equipped with Debian-based OS of everyday reality low-cost laptops for areas such as sales, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
The company also developed Spark, a learning laptop called the child’s first PC, and one of its core missions is to bridge the digital divide.
By the way, for the best efficiency, the Endless OS has a huge 16GB download speed. Now it is much more reasonable to provide a pre-installed PC (Asus is also available in several countries)!
However, the companion device is not the focus here. Like most Linux distributions, Endless OS is completely free to download and use at no hidden cost.

And it could be an OS worth considering for learners of all ages.
Software buffet
On the surface, the endless OS’s default desktop (GNOME-based) reminds me more of Android or Chrome OS than the full PC desktop. The app icons are tiled in the center of the display (contains folders for grouped applications) and has a “Google Search” box above it. At the bottom of the screen there is an existing taskbar and system tray (at least).
Digging more than 100 included apps makes things start to get more interesting.
Wikipedia is built into the Endless OS by default. It’s called an “encyclopedia”, but it consists of at least 50,000 Wikipedia pages. There are also travel apps filled with destinations and related facts and attractions around the world.
Want to learn basic and advanced culinary skills or prepare Chicken Tikka Masala? Launch the “cooking” app with over 160 recipes and tips on everything from reading ant kitchens to boiling eggs.
Want to learn how to assemble a waltz, clarinet or breed a turtle? Learn how to work with CSS and HTML5? There is an app for this.
Would you like to start the interactive journey of learning the basics of the operating system or learning the command line? There is also an app for this.
How about diving deep into various psychological conditions or caring for sick people? Start the Health app.
Need to mix audio, design 3D illustrations and edit photos? Would you like to access lectures and videos on math, astrology, history? You guessed it. . .
Of course, there are Office suites that are compatible with Microsoft Office.
Imagine the time it takes to install these extensive software separately on Windows or macOS. Visit dozens of websites or browse dozens of additional installation steps and license agreements and terms and conditions pages.
All this knowledge is immediately available even when you are offline.