MediaTek Unveils Helio P95 Upgrading Artificial Intelligence and Camera

MediaTek releases a new mid-level processor chip, the MediaTek Helio P95, that upgrades the processing of artificial intelligence for the better. While other specifications and the CPU, the GPU remains almost identical to the Helio P90.

From the specifications that MediaTek revealed, this chip is almost identical, including CPU, GPU, Modem, WiFi, as well as the ability to display screen images.

MediaTek Helio P95 supports image processing from a camera with a 64 Megapixel sensor, up from the original received only 48 Megapixel. ETHZ Benchmark tests, artificial intelligence test scores have increased by about 10% as well.

With this camera and artificial intelligence upgrade The best thing to do is to do AR, 3D Pose tracking that tracks up to five people in the image that moves in the camera eye.

However, MediaTek didn’t reveal when the first phones using MediaTek Helio P95 will be on sale. But because of the specifications that are almost identical to the Helio P90 of this size, it is expected that the manufacturer who designed the phone with the P90 before can upgrade to Helio P95 almost immediately.

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