MediaTek launches a new chipset for artificial intelligence in particular The model is called MediaTek i700. It is an upgrade from i500 and i300 in the past.

The chip uses two ARM Cortex A75 processors and two ARM Cortex A55 cores. The graphics processor is IMG PowerVR GM9446. Supports LPDDR4X memory up to 8GB. It can be seen that it is considered a hand chip. Hold on Because using all modern processors

Inside the chipset, there are dual NPUs that perform Deep Learning and AI processing, allowing the face to be distinguished from the camera 5 times faster than previous models (MediaTek i500). In addition, it supports the Android Neural Networks API. And Framework for many artificial intelligence work

With the power of this chip Making it compatible with camera use Whether it is a 32 Megapixel single camera or a 24 + 16 Megapixel dual camera to use the Depth Sensor to measure the distance of the object and AR work. Which the camera can operate at 120FPS, making the image lifelike. Even if the object is moving quickly

The final story is the wireless connection.MediaTek i700 chip supports WiFi connection 5 (2 × 2 802.11ac), Bluetooth 5.0, 4G LTE Cat. 12

All of this, even though it is said to be a chip for intelligent systems such as screen speakers or IoT, but the power that is so powerful is expected that we should see it in the Access Control system from the camera center, the CCTV room. Or the system scans the user face Whether it’s for paying entertainment media or smart cars(Or even intelligent inventory systems The customer ordered the robot to take the product out to the belt by itself)

If asked if they should see intelligent speakers Or the smart screen uses this chip? Would have to answer that it should be difficult enough Because of the ability to use a lot

The first device that uses the MediaTek i700 chip will be released next year. MediaTek has not revealed what the device is. And will be sold to the general public or not