Wartables’, which released game information ahead of the launch of the Marvel Heroes game and Marvel Avengers, which are being developed by Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and AIDS Montreal, took place last morning.

This Wartable consists of beta tests to be conducted in August, new heroes, and contents to reinforce the game content.

The beta test, which has already been released from the previous Wartable, will be held soon, and in this beta test, you can play the Prologue part of the Golden Gate Bridge that was shown at the time of the first release, and it also includes a boss battle with the task master. You can try playing

The beta was introduced to be able to proceed with some early stages such as the AIM base chip-in mission with Kamala and Hulk in the same way as the main story.

In addition, the cooperative Warzone Mission, where you can experience many multi-element and RPG elements, will be able to play three types, and you can also explore the ultimate of the released heroes.

Subsequently, a new hero, Hawkeye, was released. It showed a teaser video that mainly uses a bow, and Hawkeye said that it contains a lot of content other than the main mission.

On the other hand, when the Marvel Avengers complete single play, the stage called the Avengers Initiative will proceed, and additionally, the game content will continue to expand in the form of expansion.

New heroes and missions will be steadily provided, and Hawkeye will be included in this first initiative and will see a total of 10 heroes.

The upcoming beta will be held for PS4 pre-purchasers from August 7th, and the open beta, PC, and XBOX ONE preliminary beta will be held for PS4 on the 14th and 16th. From the 21st to the 23rd, 3 days will be held in all platforms open beta.

This release will be available on September 4th on PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, and Google Stadia.