Many antivirus programs support Windows 7 by 2022

It is reported that the majority of antivirus security programs will maintain Windows 7 support by 2022.

The news appeared in the AV-TEST report on January 28 after the official release of Windows 7. Investigations show that most antivirus software makers will support more than two years, rather than the official end of support for Windows 7.

Official support for Windows 7 has ended approximately two weeks ago on January 14, 2020. Still, many users, including many public offices, companies, and home users, are still using Windows 7. As many users still remain in Windows 7, it is analyzed that they have adopted a support policy accordingly.

In summary, the latest version of most antivirus programs will be available on Windows 7. However, Windows’s own functions and security updates are not made, and even though the support has not been announced at the moment, there is a possibility that the support period may be terminated early depending on the situation.

For a more detailed list of Windows 7 antivirus programs and when to end them, visit AV-TEST Global’s official website.

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