Macronix, a Taiwan-based memory company focusing on specialized memory production Will begin the 3D NAND memory production process in the second half of next year. It will become the first Taiwanese company to develop and manufacture 3D NAND memory by itself and may appear in the Nintendo Switch game console with a capacity of 64 GB.

This 3D NAND memory will be 48-layer memory and will start to produce 96 Layer in 2021 and 192 Layer in 2022. The companies that are leading the memory industry are Samsung and Micron both. Is currently accelerating the development of the 192 layer production process (and 96 layers have already begun)

Macronix’s work is specialized. Although the general memory industry To compete with more capacity. Macronix’s work is durable. Such as memory of medical devices, drones, game cartridges or watches, which focus on durability And reliable that it does not malfunction

The first customer of the 48 layer memory is Nintendo, as Nintendo has announced a two-year 64GB game cartridge memory development, which will be available in 2019 until the end of the year. And this memory is not actually used in any way The reason may be that the memory partners aren’t ready yet.

But next year, Macronix will be able to produce 48 Layer 3D NAND memory for Nintendo, there is no information coming out, and next year 5G will become widespread throughout the world, and 5G antenna will need to use memory that is as durable as this. At least 1 – 2 GB, which may prevent Macronix from not producing enough memory for game cartridges to meet demand for Nintendo.