Apple released a new version of macOS this year. Which will be called Catalina (from Santa Catalina Island in California) and the model number is macOS 10.15

One of the interesting things is that Project Catalyst (formerly Marzipan) is a tool that makes it easier to port apps from iPad to Mac. By editing, it will be done through Xcode tools that are used to develop the original iOS app.

Twitter also plans to bring the iPad version of the Twitter app to the Mac as well, including Atlassian to bring the iPad version of the Jira app to macOS as well. And it is unclear how many developers have plans to bring iPad apps to macOS in the near future Because on the stage, talking about only three apps

For iTunes, although not completely removed as a rumor But close because Apple added Apple Music app, Podcast, Apple TV replaced by working perfectly without opening iTunes even a little


One of the features that was previously rumored was to make the iPad an extra screen for macOS, which has both the name and the feature.Sidecar features allow us to use as an extra screen. And can almost draw pictures Which the app to edit videos and draw images like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Illustrator, iWork, and support for Sidecar. The atmosphere is similar to buying a Wacom version that is screen-based.

The Catalina operating system supports full voice commands. Making people with mobility disabilities able to use (As long as it can be said) Other features that are available on iOS 13, whether Find My, Photos, Notes, Reminders, have been upgraded to have similar behavior.

It is expected that Apple will release a full version of macOS 10.15 in the same period as iOS 13, which is exactly the same as last year. Mid-September

If you guess next year, macOS 10.16 should be called Santa Catalina .