George Washington University Observation Success… Related videos released through YouTube

Doctors at George Washington University Hospital in the United States showed the appearance of a lung damaged by the Corona 19 virus through virtual reality (VR) technology, US IT media Cnet reported on the 25th (local time).

Earlier this month, medical staff at the University of Washington, Washington, first treated Corona19 patients. Afterwards, the patient’s lungs were observed using VR technology, and recently released through YouTube. ▶ Read more )

​Through the simulation, healthy lung tissue can be identified as blue, and corona19 virus-infected lung tissue can be identified as yellow.

Medical staff at George Washington University in the United States have revealed the damage caused by the corona19 virus to human lungs through virtual reality technology. 
(Photo = YouTube video capture)

“There is a distinct difference between a virus-infected abnormal lung and the adjacent healthy lung tissue,” said Dr. Keith Mortman, head of chest surgery at George Washington University in an interview with the hospital podcast. “The damage is not separated from any part of the lung. It spreads to both lungs, causing serious damage.” He expressed concern that long-term lung damage is likely to occur, especially among those who survive after getting Corona19.