Apple iPad Pro performance is very strong, and should be built for professionals, but some simple things, such as directly import photos into Adobe’s Lightroom CC software can not be completed. Apple has said it will use the Siri shortcut to solve this problem, automatically import Photos from the camera roll into Lightroom and then remove it from the camera roll.

Currently, the Lightroom CC application for iPhone and iPad is ushered in. This update adds the Siri shortcut function. However, importing photos into Lightroom does not remove the original photo from the camera roll. Users Must set themselves by creating a series of Siri shortcuts.

In addition, the Lightroom app does not allow users to specify whether they only want to import RAW or JPEG, and can’t apply user-generated presets to each photo, only the default presets. However, this should be a good start, and The existing problems will be resolved.