LG V50S ThinQ, France travel video popular

The LG V50S ThinQ France travel video, which LG Electronics released on the 25th of last month, has gained popularity with more than 1.8 million views in just three weeks. Over the past three weeks, an average of more than 85,000 people watched this video.

The three-minute video captures the beautiful sights of France, including the Arc de Triomphe, Saint Andre Cathedral, the Grand Bordeaux Theatre, and the Eiffel Tower, as well as the wineries and old castle.

The Kyung-Bora couple, a famous travel creator, shot directly with the LG V50S ThinQ camera and used only minimal accessories such as a remote control and a tripod.

The video demonstrates the powerful content creation performance of the LG V50S ThinQ. If you use the mirror mode that displays the front camera’s reflection on the dual screen, you can shoot like a 32 million pixel digital camera. The Steadycam feature also helps you to create a steady image without any equipment.

In addition, the ASMR, which captures the ambient sound more vividly, and the reflector mode that can utilize the dual screen as lighting, produce contents as well as high-performance shooting equipment.

This video is part of the marketing activities that LG Electronics is collaborating with foreign tourism offices and sharing the famous tourist attractions with LG smartphones to inform customers. The customer’s response was hot both in Peru travel recorded with LG V40 ThinQ last year and Canada travel recorded with LG G8 ThinQ this year.

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