LG V50 ThinQ’ Android 10 preview 4th update .. 5G performance improvement

LG Electronics released the 4th software update of Android 10 preview on ‘V50 ThinQ’ on the 16th.

The 4th update includes ▲ Fix the phenomenon of clearing all from the recent app list screen ▲ Improve the visibility of the notification window when using the night mode ▲ Fix the floating bar during video playback on the horizontal screen ▲ Back button while using the dual screen The recent app list has been fixed.

Also, ▲ 5G performance improvement ▲ Fixed app screen truncation while using dual screens ▲ Fixed app icon display error on smart bulletin boards ▲ Fixed message window disappearing in certain situations while using multi-window ▲ Camera preview when shooting with high magnification in low light Abnormal behavior was fixed.

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