LG unveils new user interface “LG UX 9.0″Think of OneUI but for LG phones

LG recently released a refreshed user interface for phones called “LG UX 9.0” and is very similar to Samsung’s OneUI. This is not bad because OneUI is a very nice UI to use on smartphones.

In the video showing the major changes in the new user interface uploaded to YouTube by LG, the similarities between this UI and OneUI are noticeable. The company’s heavy fonts made the text stand out. The Messages app now displays more conversations without opening the message itself, and the Contacts app has wider spacing between contacts and clearer lettering.

The new UI moves key features to the bottom of the screen, making it easy to access with one hand without too much effort. If your company moves menu items, such as search, dial, and call history, to the bottom of the screen, you can see them.

The gallery app is also redesigned with a streamlined design, and the album also looks better organized, although this design is also very similar to OneUI’s gallery design.

The electronics company said nothing about when or when to get this new LG UX 9.0 again, but in the video description, it mentioned that the new UI is optimized for the LG G8X ThinQ, so at least those phones that are considered safe should be received.

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