LG Electronics’ LG X5 (2018) launched Android 9.0 Pie update on the 28th.

LG Electronics released the following improvements.

▲ You can connect to YouTube Live for live broadcasting from the camera preview screen.

▲ If you check the captured photo in the gallery, you can go directly to the captured website using the “Go to website” function button.

▲ Fixed the placement of the home screen so that the location of apps and widgets on the home screen does not change regardless of the user’s intention.

▲ You can easily set the side volume button, which worked only as of the ringtone volume, as a multimedia volume button such as video and music.

▲ Gesture home button function has been added. Drag the Home button up to see your recent history, or drag left or right to switch to recently used apps.

▲ Preview menu bar is provided at the bottom right when capturing screen, so you can share or delete it immediately.

▲ This function is only used when screen rotation is required. The screen rotation button is created in the home touch button area. This function only works when screen auto-rotation is disabled and may not work in some apps.

▲ You can automatically adjust the screen brightness by learning the ambient light intensity and user behaviour patterns.

The LG X5, launched by SK Telecom in August last year, is a low-end model of 300,000 won and features a 4500mAh large capacity battery that can watch 19 hours of video and talk continuously for 17 hours. To provide.