LG to update Android 10 on LG G7 ThinQ

LG will launch the LG OS preview program next week on the G7 ThinQ for Android 10, Google’s latest operating system. The OS preview program for G7 ThinQ is Android 10 this year, following Android 9.0 Pie in January last year.

LG Electronics has updated its Android 10 to G8 ThinQ, V50 ThinQ, and G7 ThinQ.

Android 10 introduces full gesture navigation that lets you move home, switch apps, and more by simply pushing the screen to the side or up. It also enhanced security so that users can reset individual app permissions.

LG Electronics will also update the UI along with the OS preview program. The new UI features a bottom control structure with menu tabs and pop-ups at the bottom of the screen, a simple and intuitive card-type menu, a responsive menu that personalizes the screen according to user interaction, a pop-up window that displays various apps, etc. This is a feature.

Users who want to experience the latest UI of LG smartphones and Android 10 on the G7 ThinQ can apply from the Quick Help app that LG smartphones are equipped with. Updates are made via over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

Experience customers can provide feedback through the Quick Help app forum. LG Electronics plans to gather the opinions of the users and reflect them in the formal OS upgrade to enhance and complete the distribution.

LG Electronics, meanwhile, is devoted to recovering the trust of smartphone customers. LG Electronics’ SW Upgrade Center continues to provide customers with OS upgrades, security patches, and SW value ups.

In addition, LG Electronics is running a smartphone service where customers who visit the service centers, such as the elderly and the disabled, who have difficulty in visiting the service centers, request a service and handle the inconveniences.

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