LG Electronics premium smartphone ‘LG G8 ThinQ’ Android 10 update on August 27 has been extended to the general user.

LG Electronics launched the ‘LG OS Preview Program’ for users of ‘LG G8 ThinQ’ at the end of October and released the official update to preview subscribers on the 30th of last month, which is about a month before the preview starts.

This update is also available to non-previewers. In addition to the Android 10 OS, installing the update also raises the user experience (UX) version.

LG Electronics’ new enhancements include the pop-up window and gesture styles on the navigation bar, screen recording, and chat +.

In addition, photo mode and video mode have been separated from the camera, and ▲ shortcut keys for accessibility shortcut settings have been changed. ▲ shortcut keys for touch area control settings have been changed.