LG Electronics,’LG Wing new software update.. Google security patch applied

G Electronics released a new software update for ▲LG Wing ▲LG Q51.

The LG Wing software version is ▲F100N11d (LG U+) ▲F100N11d (KT) ▲F100N11d (SKT) ▲F100N11d (self-contained) and the LG Q51 software version is ▲Q510N20e (LG U+) ▲Q510N20e (KT) ▲Q510N20e (SKT) ▲ It is Q510NO20e (self-sufficient).

In this update, mobile phone security has been strengthened with the Google security update. LG Electronics will completely withdraw from the smartphone market on July 31st, but will provide upgrades to existing smartphones for 3 years and after-sales service for 4 years.