LG Electronics, V50 ThinQ, Android 10 preview 2nd update .. Fingerprint registration and multi-window bug fixed

LG Electronics released the 2nd software update of Android 10 preview on ‘V50 ThinQ’ on the 29th.

In this 2nd update, ▲ Improvement of screen error on lock screen ▲ Fix the phenomenon of home touch button being disabled ▲ Fix the phenomenon that fingerprint is not registered in a specific state ▲ Fix the phenomenon that downloaded wallpaper is not deleted ▲ Some screens are not touched The phenomenon was fixed.

In addition, the error has been improved in the multi-window state ▲ Unavailable pop-ups continue to be fixed ▲ Resetting during music playback ▲ ▲ Magnification on / off error has been fixed

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