It was reported that LG Electronics will only sell its rollable smartphone’LG Rollable’ in Korea.

According to related industry and domestic media reports on the 24th, LG Electronics is known to produce only hundreds of’LG Rollables’ in small quantities.

LG Electronics has already finished developing a rollable phone. LG’s rollable phone is characterized by a form factor that expands to 7.4 inches when unfolded in a 6.8-inch size. A prototype was unveiled at CES 2021 held earlier this year, and radio wave certification was completed in Korea on the 5th of last month.

However, there are observations that even if LG Electronics produces a rollable phone, it is highly likely to be sold only to internal employees rather than to general consumers. It is known that LG Electronics will also sell a limited number of 3,000 units of its flagship’LG Rainbow (Velvet 2 Pro)’ to internal employees.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics will end all mobile phone business as of July 31st. It has been 26 years since starting the mobile phone business in 1995. Upgrades to existing smartphones are provided for 3 years and after-sales service is provided for 4 years.