Lenovo S5 Pro ushered in the ZUI_11.1.042 system upgrade, which is currently in the internal testing phase, and the upgrade package size is 1.83GB. At the same time, this update belongs to the Android 9.0 major version upgrade. It is recommended that users back up the data before the upgrade to avoid accidental data loss.

Lenovo S5 Pro

This update, Lenovo S5 Pro ushered in the latest operating systemAndroid 9.0 and ZUI 11, new vision, new experience, users are recommended to upgrade. And the classic U-Touch regression, gesture operation is more natural and more efficient, users who like to use full screen gestures must be updated. U Health’s new visual revision, super high value is more varied, and the video has also been completely revised to provide a wealth of online video resources.

Update point

The lab features new magic input boxes, small windows to play video, full screen viewing without interruption, fast password access and other functions, while bringing new vision, but also make the experience more immersive. In addition, the new application lock supports face unlocking mode, Unicom Volte, full-featured hotspot, three-finger screen capture, Bluetooth high-quality audio transmission protocol.  This update is a major version upgrade. Users are advised to ensure that the phone does not have a lot of power, power and storage space. During the upgrade process, there may be short-term heat or power consumption. It is recommended to restart the system again after the upgrade to get a better experience.Copyright, may not be