Leaked iOS 14 video clip reveals new multitasking screen

Leaked latest video clip showing images of new things That may be in the iOS 14, a video that the source says is the iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 14 test version. The video was released on the 91mobile website by Ben Geskin, a famous news blogger.

ios 14
ios 14 multitasking

You can see that the video clip is only a few seconds long. But it can be seen that the multitasking page of iOS 14 has a new design And similar to the iPad that is currently used, which is a tab for each app, arranged in 4 apps in a row, using the screen slider to close the application. A new multitasking screen will be opened from Settings in the test version as Geskin makes it look and may come in iOS 13, but must be enabled from jailbreak instead.

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