Kirin 980/810 won the AI highest award of 2019 World Artificial Intelligence 

On August 29th, the 2019 Shanghai World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) was officially opened. On the first day, we saw the dialogue between the two wise men from East and West. Ma Yun and Elon Musk’s humorous opening also took place. The curtain of this conference was opened. In fact, in addition to the two horses, the WAIC’s highest AI Leader, known as the “AI Oscar”, will be officially presented today. So who will be the winners? Look together.

Kirin 980/810 won the AI highest award of 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

Among them, Huawei won the Excellence Award for its two 7nm chips, Kirin 980 and Kirin 810. The original intention of the Organizing Committee to set the Excellence Award is to reward projects that have high recognition and reputation in the field of artificial intelligence and have the meaning of enhancing human well-being. The two Gemini stars will be able to win the award, which is enough to see the industry’s recognition of these two chips.

As the latest generation of artificial smartphone chip of Huawei, Kirin 980 was released in August 2018, which can bring more powerful, richer and smarter experience to mobile phone users. At the beginning of the release, it was the world’s first commercial TSMC 7nm. Processed mobile phone SoC chip, the world’s first ARM Cortex-A76-based developer, the world’s first commercial Mali-G76 GPU, the world’s fastest LPDDR4X granule, the industry’s first dual-core NPU, the world’s first to support LTE Cat.21 six global The most. The advent of Kirin 980 led the mobile phone to enter the era of wisdom and brought a new experience to users.

Kirin 810

Kirin 810, as the second 7nm mobile phone SoC chip launched by Huawei after Kirin 980, used Huawei’s self-developed DaVinci architecture NPU for the first time. Compared with the current 8nm process SoC chip used in the same gear product, the Kirin 810 energy efficiency is improved. %, transistor density increased by 50%, performance is more powerful.  At present, the Huawei nova5 and glory 9X series equipped with the Kirin 810 chip have been released globally, and more and more consumers are experiencing the ultimate AI performance brought by the Kirin 810. In the future, with the continuous upgrading of AI capabilities, our lives will become more intelligent