It seems that the official release schedule of Android 11 has been revealed, almost as usual

Android 11 , the next Android OS in 2020, which was recently released in beta .

It seems that the official release date of this Android 11 is known.

This was posted on Twitter by a person named Abhishek Yadav.

According to this, the official release date of Android 11 is September 8 .
In other words, if this information is correct, it means that this day is when the Android 11 update will start to be delivered to the Pixel series.

I’m not sure what the source is, but it looks like a notification that Google has issued to app developers.

By the way, about Android 11 is the influence of the new corona? It is said that the development is delayed overall.

However, last year’s Android 10 was updated for Pixel on September 3, so as far as this information is seen, it seems that the latest OS will be provided almost as usual.