Prior professional camera comparision agencies DxOMark as Apple iPhone XS Max camera experience played a composite score of 105 points, ranking smart phone second in the list, behind Huawei-camera flagship P20 Pro. According to the latest news, the camera score of the Apple iPhone XR has also been released and is on the DxOMark official website.

iPhone XR ranks 7th on the DxOMark list
iPhone XR ranks 7th on the DxOMark list.

It can be seen that DxOMark scored 101 points for Apple’s “cheap iPhone ” this year. Compared with its own iPhone XS Max , DxOMark can be said to be slightly worse than the Huawei P20 listed six months ago . But then again, considering that the iPhone XR is limited to cost and product positioning, it is only equipped with a post-shot, and it is not bad to get such a score.

DxOMark scores 101 for the iPhone XR camera
DxOMark scores 101 for the iPhone XR camera.

From the TOP10 list on the DxOMark homepage, we can see that the Huawei’s three-photographed flagship P20 Pro, which has the reputation of “The Eye of the Night God”, has been listed for more than half a year, but still has a comprehensive score of 109, which shows that its imaging strength is not small watch for.

For Apple iPhone XR, get 101 points in DxOMark. Do you think it is reasonable? If you have already have the iPhone XR, are you satisfied with the camera?